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Liberty Village Animal Hospital (LVAH) has been in business for just over a year and recently was looking to expand their brand awareness in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Their social media accounts were active with a consistent following.

We at ThinkHatch, undertook the challenge to increase engagement on their accounts with the launch of a campaign during the Hallowe’en season. #LVAHHowl was the result! Clients and potential clients were encouraged to engage with LVAH on Instagram by tagging their pets in their Hallowe’en costumes. Finalists were chosen, voting occurred, and the winners were awarded prizes.

This didn’t happen on its own! ThinkHatch developed the copy, created the designs for the marketing materials (posters, social media ads, contest landing page), connected with sponsors to secure prizes and coordinated with suppliers. Once the promotion was launched, ThinkHatch developed and managed all the social media messages, engaged with the followers, tallied votes, announced winners on social media channels and connected with the winners to secure their prizes.

Was the campaign a success? Yes! Enthusiasm was high, comments were positive, pictures were shared and it was fun! But how did that translate in measurable results? In the one week that the contest ran, the campaign received over 96 000 impressions, the number of followers grew by 3% and the engagement rate grew by 9.4%! The goal to expand brand awareness was achieved. The bonus is that the number of followers and the engagement rate have continued to grow at a steady pace since the campaign ended.

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