• Emily Foucault

Big (Picture) Things Come In Small Packages: Why ThinkHatch Is The Right Fit For Your Business

October is Small Business Month – an entire month dedicated to honouring Canadian small businesses and the passionate people that power them. We are always proud to call ourselves a Canadian small business but have been extra mindful about taking time out this month to reflect on the clients that enable us to grow and thrive.

Why is this small business a fit to take your company to the next level?

  • Though we’re small, we think big. While many agencies specialize in one area like branding, social media, PR or events, we are strategically integrated and consider the big picture. We know it’s not realistic for many small businesses to keep multiple partners on retainer, and that startups don’t have the manpower to employ multiple agencies. Signing with us is like adding an entire external marketing, events and social media team to your arsenal while feeling like an extension of your startup staff.

  • We go deep and build out. ThinkHatch’s approach is to start by thinking broadly, ensuring we understand your business’s objectives and audience, as well as budgets and timelines, before constructing a custom marketing plan to meet these areas fo need. Once that plan is approved, we execute the plan as a small-and-nimble extension to your team and you’ll wonder how you ever did without. Then we check in with weekly, monthly and quarterly assessments to make sure the plan is on track, making adjustments on the fly as needed.

It’s all about knowing the importance of strategizing a long-term branding plan for your small business that will ensure you are set up for growth and scaling. From our small business to yours, enjoy some time this month to recognize what sets you apart.

When you’re ready for a partner that will help you get to the next level, reach out to us. We can’t wait to hear the plans you have cooking. Reach out anytime to info@thinkhatch.ca.