• Emily Foucault

How One Startup Celebrated Its First Year In Business

This week ThinkHatch proudly celebrates the first-year anniversary of its official launch.

As a startup company itself, ThinkHatch took on the challenge of working alongside other small businesses to guide them through the connected and often overwhelming world of marketing.

Starting a successful small business takes a vision.

For ThinkHatch it began with a realization that the current marketing model needed rethinking. Clients’ needs did not match what employees were able to provide during the dated 9-5 work day. Consequently, the model was reworked and resulted in an agency structure that uses a unique cloud-based model. The marketing world needs to improve on providing life balance and well-being for its employees and ThinkHatch used that as its core belief.

From a vision comes a need for a strong core group of hardworking staff and a stellar cast of freelancers. Mission accomplished! The ThinkHatch employees are to be celebrated for the path the company is on to becoming a successful small business.

The founder and president, Emily Foucault states, “When healthy minds are engaged, creativity is unlocked and work doesn’t feel like “work”. I’m committed to an innovative agency model that values mental health and ultimately positions us to successfully collaborate and work with our employees and our clients.”

Then there are the clients and the reason behind the success! They are all unique, each with their own wants and needs and each a significant and valued part of the journey. To outline just a few:

ThinkHatch took pride in being tasked with branding and managing a Canadian focused go-to-market strategy for a new identity restoration company dragonfly id A well-established business Re:word looked to ThinkHatch when they wanted help to rebrand their business.

Whether the goal included strategic marketing, branding, social media marketing, public relations, or event management, the challenges were exciting and the results rewarding!

In support of the company’s core belief that the promotion of well-being in the workplace is paramount to life balance, it was a natural fit to support the efforts of Centre for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH) and #MentalHealthisHealth initiative. The ongoing participation in symposiums such as #DifferenceMakers, SheEO and various startup conferences contributed to professional growth. ThinkHatch proudly partnered with businesses such as Startup Canada, participating in #startupchats to advance the discussion on marketing and address the ongoing questions that start-up companies are routinely confronted with. In July,

Be Nice

ThinkHatch looks forward to partnering with Make Lemonade a business that leverages co-working space and supports women to dream and be inspired. The partnership will result in the unveiling of an initiative that supports women in business. Through a six-month program, ThinkHatch will provide mentorship to women that offers them the skills for a path to success.

The year had many highlights. Among them, was the launch of #HelpOurPetsTO a very successful fundraising event to secure donations for pets of people who are homeless in Toronto. ThinkHatch proudly participated in WestJet’s first-ever hackathon, dubbed #Hackinthehangar. This event brought major North American tech companies together to hack ideas for pushing innovation.

All of these experiences are unique and provide industry insights that are leveraged when working with clients.

To close out the year, our founder was awarded an Honorable Mention for Entrepreneur of the Year from Startup Canada! The award is a reflection of Emily’s vision and hard work and, equally so, the people around her who support her and the company in its success. What the future holds is, of course, unknown. But the stars are certainly aligning for a start-up business that is proud to say it is having success in helping other small businesses grow!

Were there challenges? Of course! (But that is for another time.) This one-year anniversary is a time to celebrate the many successes of a small business that is on the path to great things.

Interested in learning more about how to create your road to success? Reach out to us for help at info@thinkhatch.ca.