• Emily Foucault

What marketing trends should be considered in 2020?

The world of marketing is fast-paced!

Marketers live by trends. What WAS working may not be working today. As a business owner, be aware of what marketers are talking about for 2020 and get out there now to ensure your voice is heard.

There are 3 trends for 2020 worth considering.

Clean up the Clutter

There is no arguing the digital world has created unprecedented stimulation. Digital marketing experts eMarketer

reports that worldwide digital ad spending rose by 17.6% in 2019 exposing us to more ads than ever before.

In business we like this! It gives people something to talk about. The key is to ensure it is not just noise and they are talking about us!

Share personalized, memorable content, engage according to your target audience, use eye-catching images and never forget the fun-factor! A large piece of a marketing budget is spent on content marketing so make sure it is well spent. Share your content on a variety of mediums, customized with intention. The move is on to provide content that is valuable and not just content for the sake of pushing content.

Is Collaboration the Key?

Expect to hear more chatter about established businesses collaborating with startups. It is not new in the business world but there is renewed interest.

There’s no doubt there will continue to be growth in the number of startups, as support continues to grow from the government and private sector. More competition means the growth of partnerships with the goal to create a more robust business. And who doesn’t want more business!

It may seem a difficult proposition for an independent entrepreneur to ponder giving up some control but think of it as more voices mean more ideas. If you know what you bring to the table and what you want from a partnership, then you may want to at least consider an alliance. It could be just the strategy your business needs to open up more possibilities.

All About the Talk

The lines are becoming blurred between our digital and physical domains. Consumers are ready for a balance between IRL (in real life) interactions and the role of technology (which we know isn’t going anywhere!).

According to Thrive Analytics the use of smart speakers has doubled in the last 2 years and is expected to continue to grow. With that, there is an upsurge in voice ads, voice search, chatbots; all recreating the human-like connections we strive for in a tech-savvy world.

We need to create IRL interactions for authentic human connections. It’s time to expand on your paid keyword lists, ensure operating information is up-to-date and take a deep dive into the content you share, ensuring it is being written in a natural conversational voice. Optimizing for voice search is not just one of the latest trends, it is critical to your SEO success.

Not every trend is good for every business. What is good for every business is to do your research.

Keep up with trends and find those that could work for you. Do you have a strategic plan for 2020? Because I can assure you if you don’t, your competitor does.

If you need support in building your strategic plan, connect with ThinkHatch here and let’s get started.