• Emily Foucault

Keep Calm and Stay Healthy: Working during COVID-19

From the ThinkHatch team to you, we hope you’re keeping safe and healthy during these uncertain times. 

During this period when physical distancing is the new norm, we keep reminding ourselves that mental health is more important than ever. Whether you are taking video calls with friends and family, trying new recipes, learning a new skill, or settling into a gentle care routine, it’s critical to remember that we are in the midst of a difficult time and being patient with ourselves must be our priority. Maintaining social solidarity and connection with our networks is important work. We’ve been on more Zoom calls than we can count and are so grateful for friends, clients, colleagues and family for sharing time with us! 

Nearly every 2020 business plan has been upended due to the pandemic, with the shift towards the focus on short term business impacts. We suggest you consider the following steps as you adapt to the new normal of business in the months ahead: 

  1. Assess your financial situation and research support options: Determine the financial situation of your business and understand the sales that you need in order to meet your operational costs. Scale back costs that aren’t necessary or don’t drive your sales objectives. Research the business support funding options that the Government of Canada as well as your provincial government have laid out to assist businesses through these trying times. The major banks also have support programs in place; connect with yours and talk through the options available. 

  2. Reshape and refocus to drive sales: Tactically plan for this time by focusing on tactics that drive sales. For instance, if your business has moved online are there promotions you can run to incentivize purchases? How are you ensuring contactless pickup or safe delivery of your products? 

  3. Keep your brand top of mind: Though your storefront might be closed, you shouldn’t let your brand awareness slip during this time. Continue to use social media and advertising to grow your followers and fill the top of your funnel. 

  4. Reach out, we can help: Let us help you navigate these uncertain times and develop a business strategy or tactical marketing execution that meets your new business reality. If you’re ready to hatch a great plan, give us a shout!